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The proposed Magheralin Solar Farm is located  on land approximately 1km southwest of Magheralin, Co. Down.

It is anticipated that the solar farm would be capable of generating around 29.9MW of clean, low cost renewable electricity.  

The site has been chosen as it has good solar irradiation levels, lies outside of any statutory environmental, archaeological and landscape designations and due to its proximity to a viable grid connection.

RES will design the solar farm so that it will fit sensitively in the surrounding landscape. A number of detailed assessments will be carried out to ensure any impact upon the environment, landscape, heritage and local residents is appropriately assessed and mitigated. These assessments include:

  • Landscape and Visual
  • Ecology
  • Cultural Heritage and Archaeology
  • Flood risk
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Noise
  • Glint and Glare

To find out more about solar and how it works please click here.