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The RES Group is committed to each individual's right to privacy and to compliance with applicable laws. This privacy statement applies to all RES Group companies which control and make use of personal information collected via this website. It also explains how we make use of personal information provided directly to us, e.g. by email or letter, rather than via this website.

Please note that as a general matter we may collect, use and disclose personal data for the purposes of legal investigation, enquiry and compliance purposes. Where given, we may also collect, use and disclose personal data with your consent.


This website only collects personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by you. This might include contact details like your name, email address, phone number or address.

Should you contact us by email or other means and provide information about yourself, that personal information will also be collected, used and disclosed in connection with the matter in question, and you should have a reasonable expectation as to that.

Where you or your organisation have business dealings with us, or with third parties for whom we are a service provider (who may also in turn have provided the information to us), that may mean that we may collect, use and disclose your personal data, including payment data (e.g. if you are a landowner at a renewable energy project we develop, build or manage).

We also collect, use and disclose personal information about people with whom we interact from publicly available sources and commercial / governmental databases.

Furthermore, we sometimes take photographs and make audio-visual film at offices, construction sites and operational projects and other locations, whether owned, operated or visited by us, and this can involve capturing images and voices of individuals, as well as car registrations (for example on CCTV used for security purposes). When filming, recording or photographing has been organised by or on behalf of RES Group, attention will typically be drawn to this by signs, announcements or other forms of communication.  This will alert you to there being potential for your image and other personal data to be captured, so that you can avoid this happening if you so choose.  In less formal circumstances, for example if a RES Group employee films or photographs using a smartphone, such communication may not occur.  Unless you have agreed not to do so, you may withdraw any express or implied consent to the use of your personal data in this way in specific circumstances by contacting our Communications Team (details below).


The RES Group may collect, use and disclose information about you use in our business dealings as described above, for legal compliance, security or insurance purposes, or in connection with our financial processes and controls. Your personal information can also be collected, used and disclosed in order to improve the services we provide to you or your organisation, or to respond to enquiries or other issues raised by you.

If you submit personal information to us so that we can consider you for a position within the RES Group, or should you apply to RES Group in respect of a vacancy advertised on this website, we will collect, use and disclose that data for the purposes of considering your application and otherwise dealing with it during or after the recruitment process in question.

In addition, we will collect, use and disclose personal information for other purposes related or ancillary to those described in this privacy statement.

The RES Group may also use the information that you have submitted or we have otherwise obtained to carry out marketing and market research, but we do not sell personal information or disclose it to third parties for purposes unrelated to the reasons we hold it.

In developing and building renewable energy projects it is necessary for us to consult with members of the local community and keep them informed. For these purposes we undertake postal and other media campaigns using third party databases to obtain addresses of local people.

Therefore, you may hear from us via that route, but you are always free to instruct us to cease contacting you. If you do receive unsolicited marketing material that you believe comes from us, and which you do not want to receive, please let us know by contacting our Communications Team on 01923 299200 or privacy@res-group.com, or write to Communications Team, RES Group, Beaufort Court, Egg Farm Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8LR.


We will not generally pass on any information that you give us to any organisations beyond RES Group companies. There are exceptions to this, where permitted or required by law, (including for legal compliance purposes, crime prevention, credit checks and fraud prevention). It may also be necessary to share your data with organisations we have a joint venture or an agreement to cooperate with, or where we have an agreement with you, or we provide services to someone who does, or you have been affected by our activities or those of our clients, e.g. in order to instruct external advisers to support us or our client in relation to a matter involving you or your organisation (including any disputes). We may also publish photographs and audio-visual film footage taken or made by or on our behalf, or by our staff, on our websites and those of third parties, as may our staff, as well as using them for internal communication and training purposes within RES Group.


Where you send information for a particular purpose, it will be stored in accordance with our current business practices which are designed to maintain security and confidentiality. If you ask us to destroy this information we will do so insofar as is practical, subject to any applicable legal restriction and to our requirements to retain information for the purposes of fulfilling our legal and internal compliance obligations, including demonstrating compliance in the future should legal claims be brought against us.

We will retain your personal data for so long as it is reasonably required (or, in connection with information provided only with your consent, until you withdraw that consent), including for legal and internal compliance purposes and the potential defence of claims in the future or if we are otherwise permitted to do so.


You are entitled to know certain information about yourself that we have collected, subject to completing an application and providing proof of identity. You can contact our Communications Team for these purposes on 01923 299200, email us at privacy@res-group.com, or write to Communications Team, RES Group, Beaufort Court, Egg Farm Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8LR.

The information that you may request will be provided promptly in accordance with applicable law if it is personal information that we are required to make available to you. In any event, we will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information we hold is accurate, up to date and relevant and we will be happy to correct any inaccuracies.


We may also use Google reCAPTCHA (“ReCAPTCHA”) on our websites. This service is provided by Google LLC, of 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). ReCAPTCHA analyses the data entered on our website (such as on a contact form) in order to determine whether the user is a real person or a "bot" for the purposes of preventing "automated software" from weighing down our website by automated crawling or spam. The information analysed, which may include the user’s IP address, the typing patterns of the user, the amount of mouse clicks a user has done on the site and the language the user’s browser is using, will be sent to Google. All the information gathered by ReCAPTCHA is being held
by Google in accordance with Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.


We may update our policies on this page from time to time, so please do check to make sure you have read the latest version.